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Shrub Plants With Quality

The shrub plants at Twin Bridge Nursery are brought in from reliable, quality growers in the southeast. We carry a full line, including drought tolerant shrubs, privacy hedges, and evergreen bushes. We're careful about who we buy from, and what we buy. A grower's track record with us is important.

We're constantly bringing in new stock that's fresh and looks great. How does it arrive looking so good? We pay attention to transportation. We know which growers have reliable shipping. Many growers bring their shrubs to our nursery.

It doesn't stop there. We know plant transportation because we have our own trucks for shipping trees. Everyone once in awhile one of our trucks will head over to Alabama and pick up shrub plants from other growers. Read about it under Our Tree and Shrub Trucks.

Evergreen versus Deciduous


Evergreen Loropetalum With Purple Leaves

Evergreens keep their leaves all year around. Many have needle-like foliage as their leaves. Some are broadleaf, such as the Loropetalum. Most conifers (cone bearing) are evergreen.

Evergreens are popular for foundation planting (shrubs). Some species, when planted in a row, provide natural privacy or a wind break.


Deciduous Butterfly Bush With Purple Bunches Of Flowers

Deciduous shrub plants (and trees, too!) lose their leaves seasonally. In autumn, the leaves "fall off", which is the translation of the Latin word for deciduous. Most are broadleaf.

When the leaves get ready to shed, many species put on quite a show, turning vibrant colors of yellow, orange and red. Some turn brown or purple.

From evergreens to deciduous, from one gallon to large fifteen gallon containers, chances are good that you'll find what you're looking for. And if we don't have it here, our yard is so big and full, you'll probably be able to find a very suitable alternative.

Many of our customers rely on us for our plant knowledge. Some people are lost when asked if they're looking for an evergreen or a deciduous tree. That alright. It's okay to need guidance. That's why we're here.

Our Tree and Shrub Trucks

Did you ever wonder how plants get from a grower to a garden center like ours in good condition? We know and understand transportation of nursery stock. We have our own trucks just for transporting trees! In addition, we make a couple of trips to Alabama every year to pick up truckloads of shrub plants from our suppliers.

Since we have our own tree farms, we've been transporting our trees for a long time. It came as a natural extension of carrying trees, to carry shrubs, too. They're both living plant material.

To do this, we plan our routes. When we drop off trees, we stop by a grower to pick up shrubs and bring them back. It sounds so simple, but it is challenging.

To help you get started with understanding what we have, here's a list of the most popular shrub plants that we carry. The (E) stands for evergreen, and (D) for bushes that die out in the winter months, but return in the spring.

A - H

Close Up Of Abelia Gold Dust
  • Abelia - Confetti, Gold Dust, Edward Goucher, Grandiflora, Francis Mason, Golden Anniversary, Kaleidoscope, Rose Creek, Silver Anniversary, Sunshine Daydream - Some E, and some are partly evergreen.
  • Althea - Rose of Sharon - D
  • Arborvitae - Globe - E
  • Aucuba - Dwarf, Variegated- Cecil Alice - E
  • Azaleas - Many Varieties of Traditional and Encore -E
  • Barberry - Crimson Pygmy, Concord, Helmond Pillar, Rosa Glow - D
  • Bottlebrush - E
  • Boxwood - Dwarf English, Grace Hendricks, Green Mountain, Japanese, Variegated, Wintergreen - E
  • Burning Bush -D
  • Butterfly Bush - E and can die out
  • Camellia - Japonica and Sasanqua varieties - E
  • Clethra - Ruby Spice - D
  • Cleyera - Big Foot, Bronze Beauty, LeAnn, Regal - E
  • Cotoneaster - Scarlet Leader, Tom Thumb - E
  • Cypress (False Cypress) - Green Thread, Gold Mop, Lemon Thread, Hinoki - E
  • Forsythia - Lynwood Gold, Spring Glory, Yellow Bell - D
  • Gardenia - August Beauty, Frost Proof, Kleim's Hardy Daisy, Radicans, Variegated - E
  • Hawthorn - Minor
  • Holly - Japanese - Carissa, Compacta, Dwarf Yaupon, Helleri, Hoogendorn, Inkberry, Pyramidal, Sky Pencil, Soft Touch, Steeds, Weeping Yaupon - E

H - Z

Red Knockout Rose In Container
  • Hydrangea - Big Daddy, Blue Bird, Blushing Bride, Charm, Double Delights, Endless Summer, Limelight, Merrit's Supreme Pink, Nikko Blue, Oak Leaf, Penny Mac, Twist-n-Shout, Variegated - D
  • Indian Hawthorn - Calypso, Eleanor Tabor, Olivia, Snow White - D
  • Jasmine Vines - Carolina, Confederate, Maiden - D
  • Juniper - Angelica Blue, Bar Harbor, Blue Pacific, Blue Point, Blue Rug, Blue Star, Gold Lace, Grey Owl, Parsoni, Torulosa - D
  • Ligustrum - Dwarf Curly Leaf, Howardii, Lucidum, Meat Ball, Recurvifolia - E
  • Loropetalum - Crimson Fire, Daruma, Ever Red, Pizazz, Ruby, Sizzling Pink, Zhuzhou - E
  • Mahonia - Soft Caress - dwarf version - E
  • Nandina - Blush Pink, Domestica, Dwarf Harbor Belle, Dwarf Heavenly, Fire Power, Gulf Stream, Obsession - E
  • Osmanthus (Tea Olive) - Fortunes, Fragrans, Goshiki - E
  • Pieris Japonica - Bisbee Dwarf, Dorothy Wyckoff, Mountain Fire, Mountain Snow, Variegated - E
  • Pyracantha - Mohave - E
  • Quince - D
  • Rose - Climbing, Drift, Hybrid Tea, Knockout - D
  • Spirea - Anthony Waterer, Bridal Wreath, Double Reeves, Gold Mound, Little Princess, Reeves - D
  • Viburnum - Burkwoodii, Chinese Snowball, Davidii, Double File, European (Cranberry), Leather Leaf, Spring Bouquet, Summer Snowflake -D a few varieties are evergreen.

Shrub Or Bushes Tip From Our Staff

Many of you like the look of flowering plants. Their vibrant colored flowers or leaves add so much beauty to your gardens and landscape. One recommendation when planning your outside beds: if you put in flowering plants that die out in the winter months, you will have dead spaces. This can be a problem along a foundation. Think about it.

You have made an investment in your outdoor living areas. They look beautiful throughout the growing season. The fall arrives and then the first hard frost. The leaves fall off, and you are stuck with nothing but branches throughout the colder months. The ideal solution is to plant evergreens in and around the bushes that will die out.

Let's use a home foundation planting as an example. If you have space for a couple of rows, an option for you is planting the front row with deciduous specimens, and the back row, or backdrop, with evergreens. You also have the option of staggering the plants with some evergreens and some that die out.

We hope this little tip helps you when planning your future gardens. If you have further questions, leave a comment here and ask, or head on over to Twin Bridge and we will go into more detail with you.

If you like shrub plants, Try Our Trees Page, too.

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