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Garden Pest Control - Insects, Weeds, Fungicide

People from all over Upstate SC come to Twin Bridge with their garden pest control problems. We have the knowledge and products to take care of what's ailing your landscape and gardens. Some of our products are run-of-the-mill, but we also have specialty products, too.


Insecticides For Snails and Slugs On A Shelf

The problems we hear about most often are garden bugs. The most common little pests are aphids, whiteflies, and spider mites. One little bug is not a problem, but you never have just one! You have hundreds, thousands, and more. Add them up and they can do some damage to the leaves of plants, shrubs, and trees.

Pyrethrins and Neem Oil are good for combating these little insects. Some products contain both components. Triple Action is one of our favorites because it has both ingredients, and acts as a fungicide, too. We also carry oil sprays that combat insects, and are organic.

A popular insecticide for vegetable gardens is a Pyrethrin Garden Spray concentrate. Always read the labels carefully, especially if you're treating a vegetable garden close to harvest time.


Lawn Herbicides On A Shelf

We carry a full line of weed control products, both selective weed killers and non-selective. The difference between the two is that selective targets specific weeds. Non-selective kills all vegetation.

A common question is: How To Kill Weeds? These products work on contact with foliage (except for a few products that kill the soil so nothing grows). Do not pull the weeds first. Besides leaving roots to grow new weeds, you'll have nothing on which to spray the herbicide. Spraying dirt is useless.

Many people use a weed killer for lawns. 2-4-D is the most common product for general lawn application. Customers often ask about killing crabgrass. We carry a general weed killer that also kills crabgrass. Sedge Ender will kill crabgrass, as well as nutsedge. Image is for warm weather grasses and has a product for crabgrass and one for nutsedge.

Whenever treating a lawn, pay close attention to the application differences between different types of grasses. In fact, some products are specifically for warm weather or cold weather grasses. Know what kind of grass you have and read the label carefully.


Liquid and Powder Fungicides On A Shelf

Another common problem is spots on leaves, especially the underside. Customers come to us with leaf samples covered with fungus and disease. We tell them they need a fungicide.

Most fungicides come in liquid form, but powder form is available. Be extra careful with powder, as it is usually quite concentrated and can be toxic.

Some fungicides work strictly on contact, some are systemic (absorbed through plant systems), and some run downward across the surface from the upper leaves. Make sure you know which type you have.

Neem Oil is commonly used as a fungicide, and is contained in Triple Action (mentioned under insecticides). Sulphur is also a popular ingredient in a fungicide.

For those that prefer organic gardening, Liquid Copper is a good choice to combat plant diseases. Soil Sulphur is an amendment to add to the soil that is absorbed into the plant. The side effect is to raise your acidic level, which is alright if you have an alkaline soil. Bonide All Seasons Spray Oil is another good organic choice.

Come see us, and we'll give you some one-on-one help about your specific garden pest control problem.

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