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Crape Myrtle Trees

Crape Myrtle Trees are one of the marquee specimens of the south. Why? Because those stunning blooms keep coming all summer long! It's like an azalea on steroids, except it's a tree.

Often spelled as Crepe Myrtle (either spelling is acceptable), Twin Bridge Nursery has hundreds of them. We stock many different varieties, in sizes ranging from one gallon to fifteen gallon containers. This is the place to go for crape myrtle varieties in the Greenville SC area.

Summer Blooms

A Row In Summer Blooms Of Pink And White

Crape Myrtle Tree Facts

  • Deciduous, fast growing multi-trunk tree.

  • Full sun, some partial shade.

  • Fairly drought tolerant once established.

  • Blooms all summer, bloom colors vary with variety.

  • Zones 7 - 9, cold hardy varieties survive in zone 6.

  • Height: 3 - 8 feet for dwarf, 25 feet or more for large varieties such as the Natchez and Muskogee.

  • Width: 5 feet to 20 feet.

A Comment From Bill and Dawn, Travelers Rest, SC

Like the Crape Myrtle page! Good descriptions and realistic size ranges. Good luck when you get to the Loropetalum page. Starting to look like the Monrovia Plant Catalog! LOL! Keep up the good work!

Shopping For Crape Myrtles At The Nursery

When you go to the back side of our nursery to shop for these beauties, you'll be a little overwhelmed. You'll find row after row, and most likely it will be wet and soggy with puddles. Crape myrtle trees are known to be fast growers, and when they're container bound, they need a lot of water. The containers really hold back the blooms during the summer.

Pruning Crape Myrtles

Let's start with when, and that would be when the tree is dormant, in winter to early spring. February is a good month to target.

How to trim starts with selection. Crepe Myrtle Trees are supposed to be low maintenance.Choose a variety whose mature size fits the space where you plan on planting it.

You often see a severe chopping of the top, but it's normally not necessary. If you do this, it doesn't hurt a healthy crape.

Most people like to trim the bottom branches so you can walk close to the tree and have a canopy look with the top. You can trim top branches to manage the tree to the size you want. Thin out interior lateral growing branches to promote good air flow.

Our Huge Muskogee

Large Muskogee In An Open Area

Twin Bridge Nursery keeps a large stock of white crape myrtle varieties, along with red, pink, and purple (or lavender). Here's a list of the varieties we try to keep in stock. Height and width numbers are in feet for a mature, established tree.

  • Arapaho: red blooms, 15 - 20 tall, 10 - 20 wide

  • Catawba: purple blooms, 10 - 15 tall, 9 - 12 wide

  • Coral Pink: pink blooms, 15 - 25 tall, 10 - 20 wide

  • Dynamite: red blooms, 15 - 20 tall, 10 wide

  • Natchez: white blooms, 20 - 30 tall, 15 - 20 wide

  • Pink Velour: pink blooms, 8 - 10 tall, 8 wide, cold hardy

  • Purple Magic: purple blooms, 6 - 10 tall, 6 - 10 wide

  • Red Rocket: red blooms, 20 - 30 tall, 15 - 20 wide

  • Sarah's Favorite: white blooms, 20 - 25 tall, 12 - 15 wide, cold hardy

  • Sioux: pink blooms, 15 - 20 tall, 10 - 15 wide

  • Twilight: purple blooms, 20 - 25 tall, 15 - 20 wide

Pay attention to the mature size and select one that fits your space, with the desired color blooms.

Notice To Mobile Users

There is a slide show of eight of the above varieties. It appears only on desktop, laptop, and tablet devices. It's suppressed from mobile devices as a courtesy to those on limited data plans. If you don't have access to a larger device, use the Contact Us link to the left to make a request.

This slide show has eight of the above varieties that we usually stock.

Arapaho Bloom Closeup Several Dynamite Blooms Pink Velour In Containers Purple Magic Blooms Red Rocket In Rows Of Containers Sarah's Favorite White Blooms In Middle Of Tree Sioux Mass In Containers Twilight Closeup Of Blooms

If you have any questions about Crape Myrtle Trees, either submit a Contact Us form , or come see us and take a tour!

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